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About Hotel City Inn

We Serve The Best

At Hotel City Inn, luxury and comfort go hand in hand. The customers are valued and treated politely with utmost care. Our customer services are designed in such a way that all types of customers are satisfied by them.

Be it a business or pleasure trip, we work hard to make it memorable and an enchanting experience for you and your family/colleagues.
Main Attraction- Location

Hotel City Inn is located in the heart of Banga, a small untouched town near Chandigarh and Amritsar. Banga is a beautiful town, free from pollution and undesirable ruckus. You will surely be glad to visit this small town and your trip can be further made pleasurable by paying even a small visit to the Hotel City Inn.
Prime Goal- Customers’ Contentment 

We boast of our staff that is welcoming and courteous. The best part about the hotel is that it is managed by thoroughly trained professionals who know how to keep the client satisfied and happy. The staff is motivated by the higher authorities to work selflessly in order to impart a timeless residing experience in the hotel
Specialties- Multi-cuisines

Our chefs are passionate about cooking. We bring chefs from around the world who are expert in cooking different types of cuisines delicious enough to tickle your taste buds. Food that we serve to our customers is superior in taste and fine in quality.

You name any dish and we will get it for you!